Even though Cargo Masters is known as all-round freight forwarder, our interest and expertise surpasses the focus of logistics only. Our team consists of people with specific knowhow of particular industries. This mixed expertise of logistics and wheeling and dealing of specific industries add even more value.
Characteristic logistic solutions for Textiles and Fashion is our daily practice. Handling High-Tech equipment: hassle-free. It is the management of project cargo and emergency response for Heavy Industries, Aerospace and the Oil and Gas industry that makes our job so interesting and exciting. So please don’t hesitate to contact us. Cargo Masters will be more than happy to send you its references and open dialog to bring you smart and value-added solutions.

A request with us early on can save a lot of time, money and effort and make complex transport projects fun as we take pride in our ability to manage projects that require special action and innovative thinking. Our flexibility, resources and experience pay dividends in solving logistic challenges and can prove beneficial at the planning stages of a project.

The knowhow and skill of our experienced team has proven very successful while managing projects of different sizes and matters for different customers throughout the years. Either large oversized cargo shipments, air-ocean combinations, handling of dangerous goods or cargo to destinations that others avoid, Cargo Masters does it with joy, pleasure and – above all – with reliability. Our customers will experience the same.


  • Specialized in movement of oversized, Heavy, Dangerous Goods, or combinations
  • Heavy Industries, emergency response / AOG
  • Handling of sensitive precision equipment
  • Destinations that others avoid

Having a team with knowhow and experience in industries like Aerospace, Marine Salvage and Oil & Gas, we may honestly say: we know the drill! AOG IT solutions provided by Cargo Masters to Aerospace industry customers have paid dividends.

Our proven track record of movements of AOG Engines, the emergency response handling and transport solutions for salvage equipment and numerous charter operations for recovery equipment for factory and platform breakdown have saved consignees of these shipments from complex situations. Oil spill from drifting rigs and ships in need has been limited to the max when salvage equipment was moved the fastest possible way ever, by Cargo Masters. Difficult situations that require adequate logistics solutions. Solutions that we know by heart.


  • 24/7 Emergency Response
  • Emergency Response air cargo capacity access
  • Immediate charter services
  • Customer-specific IT solutions for AOG
  • Emergency Response / AOG consultancy and advisory

Medicals, delicate treatment

Tremendous investments and time is spend on research and development. Finally the blockbuster goes of patent. Distribution transparency and special handling is mandatory now.
Cargo Masters liaises globally with brokers, charter operators and airlines to obtain the best air charter solution at any moment in time. Any type of aircraft; the one that suits the job best. We assist in selecting the most convenient place of departure for the best and fastest or most economic operation. Without any doubt Cargo Masters arranges pre- and on-carriage; seamlessly connecting the air charter operation. Although we are not limited to it, our in house trucking company is standing by 24/7.


  • Mediation in air charter flight operations
  • Total package: Freight forwarding and brokerage
  • Any type of aircraft
  • Cargo and Passengers (mechanics, technicians, etc.)
  • 24/7